About MashPro

MashPro was established to provide informed advice, services and hands on training to educators, schools and musicians. Mashpro takes pride in delivering reliable services with a focus on sound, lighting, recording, training and maintenance for the performing arts.

A veteran school teacher, musician and sound engineer, MashPro's David 'Mash' Parnell's experience and knowledge is extensive. Over his career Dave has performed and mixed sound across Australia and Europe at some of the worlds most famous venues and festivals; from supporting Status Quo at Wembley Arena, to performing at the Montreux Jazz Festival.

Through his work as sound engineer and drummer with Brisbane bands 'Rough Red', and 'Twentysevens' Dave developed a strong interest in recording and sound technology. As a result he has engineered and mixed seven commercially released albums for various artists.

Originally a manual arts teacher, Dave soon utilised his passion and knowledge for music to establish a Cert II Music Industry course. The main focus for Dave was to teach students how to play and record contemporary instruments with a strong emphasis on writing and performing original music.